You must read and agree to the Terms of Use (“Agreement”) as it constitutes a binding agreement between you and ChatU. By using the Services, you agree to this Agreement, our privacy policy and safety tips, and all the terms and conditions applicable to the in-app purchases you perform.


In order for you to use the service, you must be at least 18 years old and your use of the service must not be prohibited by law. We may offer additional Services with additional terms that may require you to be even older to use them. So please read all terms carefully.

Service change and cancellation

We may change or suspend all services at any time. You may terminate your account in the settings and have the right to terminate your account with us on your behalf if you violate this Agreement or if we deem your use of the Services inappropriate.

Interaction with other members

ChatU is not responsible for your behavior or any interaction between them, online or offline, and we do not verify your identity. Be careful when interacting with people on or outside the ChatU.

Right that ChatU grants you

ChatU grants you a personal, global, royalties, non-transferable, non-exclusive, revocable, and non-relicensable license that you can use to connect to the Services. This license is solely for you to enjoy and enjoy the benefits of the services that ChatU intends to allow in this Agreement. Therefore, you agree that you will not:

We may investigate the illegal and / or unauthorized use of the Service and take possible legal action, including the termination of your account. All software we provide to you can be automatically downloaded and installed for upgrades, updates, or other new features. You can adjust such automatic downloads through your device settings.

The right you grant to ChatU

You grant ChatU the right to display your profile and content for the limited purpose of operating the service and researching and developing new things.

Community rules

By using the Services, you agree that you will not:

If you violate this Agreement, misuse the Service, or act in a manner that ChatU considers inappropriate or illegal, including actions or communications that occur inside or outside the Service, ChatU will investigate your account. You reserve the right to cancel any purchase without refund.

Content of other members

Although ChatU reserves the right to review and remove content that violates this Agreement, such content is the sole responsibility of the posting member and ChatU complies with this Agreement for all content. We cannot guarantee that. If you find content that violates this agreement in the service, please report it within the service or by using our inquiry form.

In-app purchase

ChatU may offer you to purchase products and services at any time (“in-app purchase”) through iTunes, Google Play in-app payments or other ChatU -approved payment platforms. If you choose in-app purchase, you will receive a purchase confirmation message from the relevant payment service provider. Then, in your payment method (your card or a third-party account such as Google Play or iTunes) (your "payment method"), the in-app purchase fee and the price displayed for the service you have selected. You will be charged any other sales tax or similar taxes that may be levied on the settlement. You authorize ChatU or, where applicable, a third party to charge you. If you purchase a subscription service that is automatically extended through in-app purchases, you will continue to be charged for the subscription service until you cancel with your payment method. If your first Paid Subscription Service contract period expires and the subsequent Paid Subscription Service period expires again, your Paid Subscription Service will automatically continue for the additional period at the price you agree to.

Automatic renewal: automatic card payment The Paid Subscription Service will be automatically renewed until you cancel or cancel the Paid Subscription Service. When you purchase a paid subscription service, you will be pre-charged monthly with the fee you agreed to when you purchased the first subscription service within 24 hours of the first purchase date using your payment method. Your credit card payment information is contractually stored for automatic card payment and will continue to be used.

You may unconditionally withdraw your consent for automatic card payments at any time by going to related third party accounts. However, please note that you still have an obligation to pay the unpaid amount. If you want to change or cancel your paid subscription service, even if you delete your account or the ChatU app on your device, log in with a third party account and follow the steps to get your paid subscription service. You have to cancel or cancel the contract. Deleting the ChatU app on your ChatU account or on your device will not cancel or cancel your paid subscription service. ChatU reserves the right to charge all funds with your payment method before you cancel or cancel your paid subscription service with ChatU or a third party account. When canceling or canceling the paid subscription service You can use the paid subscription service until the end of the paid subscription service period at that time, and the paid subscription service will not be renewed after the applicable paid subscription service period expires.

ChatU reserves the right to charge a fee for the right to access and use the virtual item in its sole discretion and may also distribute the virtual item for a fee or for free. ChatU can manage, regulate, control, modify, or delete virtual items at any time. ChatU does not assume any liability to you or any third party when exercising such rights. Virtual items can only be repurchased through the service. All purchases and repurchases of virtual items through the service are final and non-refundable. Virtual items used within the service are services that will begin with your consent to purchase such virtual items. You are not obligated to refund the virtual item for any reason, and you may or may not be willing to pay for the virtual item that you did not use in the account when the account was closed. I admit that I will not do it.


ChatU operates a global business and serves a diverse membership community. Our pricing structure depends on region, paid subscription service duration, bundle size, latest in-app purchase promotions and other factors. We test new features and price ranges and strive to take advantage of improved features and payment options when members choose.

Denial of liability

Our services are provided "as is" and we disclaim our legal liability for the quality, safety or reliability of our services.

Limit of liability 

To the extent permitted by law, we limit our liability to you for certain types of damages regarding your use of the Services, the actions of other users and allegations of unauthorized connection or use of your Content. Our total liability does not exceed the fees you pay us.


Our contract includes a mandatory arbitration clause. You agree that all disputes will be resolved by arbitration and you waive your jury's jurisdiction or right to participate in a class action proceeding.


You agree to disclaim us from any proceedings arising out of your use of the Services, your Content or your breach of this Agreement.

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